Bellydance Shimmy Workout

Sarah Skinner

Reviewed by:
On 18 August
Last modified:19 July


Good for daily practice and for shimmy drills, but not for beginners!

The complete title of this DVD is "Bellydance Shimmy Workout for Beginners", but I've cut the ending off deliberately - because it doesn't look like a beginners' class to me!    If you can't shimmy already, you're not going to learn how on this DVD.

The key is in the name, really - this is not a DVD to teach you how to shimmy - it's a "shimmy workout" to practice the various kinds of shimmies, and build their sharpness and speed.  There is some layering and beginners and improvers really shouldn't be trying to layer until they've got the basic shimmies down pat.  There is a section where Sarah goes over shimmy technique, but it's more of a refresher, not a detailed breakdown.

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