Bellydance for Body Shaping: Buns and Thighs


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On 9 August
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Tough workout for experienced dancers - marked down for that cover!

Oh dear, another gratuitously sexy cover on a DVD aimed at belly dancers - what is Neon thinking?

This is a well-produced, well-constructed workout for belly dancers who want to improve strength and control in their glute muscles. There's very little explanation so it's not suitable for someone who doesn't already belly dance - which is the kind of person I'd expect to be attracted by that cover!

The DVD consists of only three short (15 minute) workouts, but they are well-targeted and do make you work.

I've heard comments that while the moves are suited to intermediate dancers, it's not a tough enough workout for that standard - I'm not sure I agree. I've been dancing for several years but my fitness level isn't as it should be - and when you're not fit, it's quite easy to get lazy about using your glutes properly. These drills will certainly wake them up!

Like her Belly Dance for Abs DVD, I've scored this lower because of the questionable cover and the fact that although what there is, is good, the content is  short compared to some other DVD's.   However Shira gives it five stars, so I'll defer to her superior knowledge!

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Bellydance for Body Shaping Buns and Thighs Belly dance fitness workout Good
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