Bellydance For Body Shaping: Abs – Belly Dance Fitness Workout


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Good bellydance-based abs workout

Another cringe-worthy DVD cover!

A pity, because this is a serious DVD for intermediate to advanced belly dancers - not for beginners, nor anyone wanting a shimmy and a giggle.

There are only three 15-minute abs workouts on this DVD, but they are intense and effective.  The aim is to strengthen your abs - it's assumed you already know the basic moves, which is why I say it's not for anyone seeking instruction.  There's also a 2-minute routine - again, fast and definitely not for novices.   Although it's presented as a fitness-style workout, all the moves used are bellydance moves.

If you're looking for a DVD to drill your abs, this is a good choice. Neon is a competent teacher who presents the material well.  I also like the progress bar and the diagrams showing the muscles that should be working.

It does seem a pity that the cover will attract entirely the wrong audience to buy this belly dancing DVD.   Neon's clubbing-style outfit and the New Age-y music may also ann0y the purists.  However, if you're looking for abs drills to improve your bellydance technique, this is a good choice - Shira gives it five stars.

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Bellydance For Body Shaping Abs Belly DVD
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Bellydance For Body Shaping Abs Belly Dance Fitness Workout DVD NEW
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Bellydance For Body Shaping Abs Belly Dance Fitness Workout DVD NEW
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The clip below is of Neon dancing, not from this DVD:

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