BellyDance with Fan Veils by Jehan


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On 21 January
Last modified:17 December


Not the best fan veil DVD available

As far as I know, there are only two fan veil DVD's on the market - this one by Jehan, and the one by Mirabai.

I think Mirabai does a more thorough job of it, covering everything from the meaning of the movements in the Chinese dances they originate from, how to hold the fans, how to care for them, to a good explanation of more advanced movements.  The production standard is generally better too.

On Jehan's video, the commentary has been over-dubbed and is not always fully in sync with the movement.  Jehan is dressed in black which sometimes makes it hard to see her movements against the backdrop.  Perhaps the idea was to fade her body into the background so the fans will stand out, but as there isn't much breakdown of the moves, sometimes we need to see what she's doing to achieve the effect!

There are actually two DVD's in this box set and you'd think that would mean lots of useful information, but it is more demonstrated than explained so I found it had quite limited value.

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