Belly Dancers Shakira and Bardees Arrested in Cairo

Two well-known Egyptian dancers, Shakira and Bardees, have been arrested and in custody for 5 days now. The vice patrol 'caught' them at gigs wearing 'illicit' costumes. It has been said that Bardis dances without underwear. What really happened was that a manager with whom they had both signed exclusive contracts got angry when the two of them started working with other managers and agents - so to get revenge, he sent the vice squad to one of the venues in which they work.  There were pictures of them in the police station in newspapers across Egypt. Bardis was crying, claiming she didn't do anything wrong. Shakira also denied breaking the law by wearing scandalous costumes.

Recently, the two of them were featured in very controversial video clips, and appeared on several talk shows to defend their 'art.'

Shakira came out with a song called "Ana il-Camoon," which means I am the Cumin. In Egypt, cumin is known for being a sexual stimulant for men. In the video, Shakira sings, twerks, and humps a motorcycle.


Bardees, who resembles foreign belly dance star Sofinar, also recently came out with a music video. She sings "Ya Wad Ya Ti'eel", which was originally and famously sung by So'ad Hosni in the seventies. In her video, she does some sexually explicit moves and gestures, such as rubbing her hands up and down a broom stick while licking her lips, twerking and humping a couch, and placing a telephone on her obscenely large chest and twerking it, amongst other things. This caused tremendous controversy in Egypt, which is still largely conservative.

The both of them have been branded 'porn stars' by much of the general public. It remains to be seen how long they'll remain in jail. Methinks it won't be long though, and that they'll emerge even more famous than they already were!

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