Belly Dance Basics: A Complete Lesson with Choreography for Beginners

Michelle Joyce

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On 1 March
Last modified:19 July


Good for the first-term beginner

If you're fairly new to belly dance and want a good overview, this DVD by Michelle Joyce is a good buy. It contains drills as well as a simple choreography.

I wouldn't recommend it for a raw beginner though.  Although Michelle breaks down the moves clearly, the explanations move a little too quickly if you've never done belly dance before.  For a dancer who's done a term or two, it could be just right.

A word of warning - it does have a lot of overlap with her "Perfect Hips" belly dance workout.   Although they share some content, the two DVD's are quite different - Perfect Hips is more fitness-focussed, whereas Belly Dance Basics is for those who want more than just exercise from their belly dance study.   However if you already have Perfect Hips, there isn't enough new material on this DVD to justify buying it as well.

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