Belly Belly Afro Belly Dance – African Bellydance Fusion

Domba! & Tree of Life

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On 21 April
Last modified:17 December


A fun and different kind of fusion to explore

I do like this one!  Having lived in Africa for a few years, I recognise the authenticity of the African moves used in this fusion.   I would've liked to see more explanation about where the steps come from, though.

I'd say this is suitable for intermediate belly dancers - it's assumed that you already know belly dance technique, so beginners would be lost.

Moves taught:  Yankadi, Pivot Turn, Ghawazee Shake, Sass Me Up, Va Voom, Flying Barrel Roll,  Umi Slide, Drop-Drop-Drop, Shimmy-Go-Round. Folding Chair, Windmill, and the Blender.

Teachers are Heidi Alexander, Jenabah Giacomelli and Sherry VanGoethem.

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