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Bella Donna

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On 8 August
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Nice intermediate choreo for solo or troupe

Bella Donna is a well-known belly dance troupe based in Houston, Texas.

This is a nice four-minute choreography featuring both veil and zills.  It's made up of 12 combinations and the four members of Bella Donna take it in turns to teach.  The dancers are facing the mirror so it's easy to follow along.  The camera work cuts off the feet sometimes, but that's a small gripe.

Although Bella Donna says this is for beginner to intermediate, I'd say it's more suitable for beyond beginners/intermediate dancers because I doubt most beginners would be able to manage the steps and the props at the same time.  It's a good choice for someone with a  couple of terms under their belt and just starting zills, though.  It's taught as a solo but tips are given for adapting it to a troupe.

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