Uncle Mafufo’s Basic Rhythms for Arabic Drum

Armando Mafufo

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On 1 May
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A must for every dancer and every new drummer!

I love this DVD!    I'm sure I'm not the only dancer who's been told that to really master the various Arabic rhythms, there's no better way than learning the drum.  The trouble is, I already spend far too much on belly dancing classes and costumes - you want me to buy a doumbek and pay for drum lessons as well??!

This DVD is the answer. Armando Mafufo's patient, clear teaching means you can learn all the essential rhythms straight from the DVD, without needing a real-life instructor.  I've never tried drumming, but I expect it would be possible to make a reasonable start to learn using this DVD - although like belly dance, I doubt one could learn all the subtleties of Arabic drumming without proper lessons!

If you're a dancer with a natural sense of rhythm and have no trouble following the timing in belly dance music, you may wonder why you'd bother with this DVD.  The answer is that belly dance moves are not all the same:  the steps you'd use with a Saiidi rhythm are not the same as you'd use with a Beledi rhythm, even though they're both in 4/4 time.    So if you want to progress to creating your own choreography, it's vitally important to be able to distinguish the various styles.

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This DVD is all the more precious because Uncle Mafufo is no longer with us.  He passed away in December 2012 and the belly dance community will miss him greatly.


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