Aziza’s Hands, Arms & Poses


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On 15 March
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Challenging exercises in control and coordination

I found the title of this DVD a trifle misleading - because I assumed it would teach beautiful arm poses.  Thinking about it, that wouldn't be realistic - could you really fill a whole DVD with just arm positions? - so the reality is much more useful.

Instead, it's much more about learning to control your arm and hand movements as you dance - after all, it's one thing to move your arms gracefully when you're standing still, but it's all too easy to lose your lines when you start doing complex steps.

Aziza belly dance DVDThere's a stretch warmup and a full set of drills for arms and hands, which you've probably never thought of doing and would be worth making a regular practice habit.

That's followed by exercises where you try to maintain beautiful arm and hand lines while doing various dance movements.  They will really challenge your coordination!

A nice extra bonus is three performances by Aziza.

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