Istanbul Nights: Gypsy Fusion Bellydance with Ansuya


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On 14 March
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If you love Ansuya's style, you'll give this 5 stars!

I love Ansuya but I must admit, I was confused by the title of this DVD! When I saw the word "gypsy", I wasn't sure what to expect - but I thought it might be flamenco-influenced, or Roma/folkloric.   But to me, it seems to have more of a Turkish cabaret flavor.  I don't know whether that's my ignorance, or whether she's just chosen the name because her dance troupe is called Gypsy Sugar!

Ansuya is well known for her upbeat teaching style and it comes across in this DVD, which makes it fun to do. This DVD teaches a whole choreography, but it's also a good resource to learn the elements of Ansuya's signature style because she breaks the moves down clearly and in detail.

After much thought, I've decided to give this a 3 star rating because it's so Ansuya, I wouldn't recommend it unless you know that her style suits you - there's no point learning a choreography you're not going to feel at home in.   It could be helpful if you want to practice incorporating zills into your routines, but there are other options for that.

However,  if you love Amsuya's style, you'll be giving this 5 stars!

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