Advance Your Dance with Saba


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On 1 September
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Useful DVD for improvers

I think it's a pity Bellydance Superstars use the word "Advance" in the title of this DVD. Some people might take it to mean this is for advanced students, which it isn't. It's aimed at students who know the basics and want to start adding polish and nuance to their moves.

It consists of several sections, starting with Sabah's signature Mat Conditioning warmup and finishing with a choreography using the techniques covered.

  • Stage Worthy Arms
  • Weight Change
  • Figure 8s
  • Grounded Accents
  • Floating Accents
  • Shimmies
  • Arabesque Concepts
  • Turns

Music Notes:  The song for the choreography is Sultan's Last Stand from  Master of Egyptian Bellydance with Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid.  The shimmy section music is Bedouin Jam from the same album. The rest of the music used in the other sections is by Issam Houshan.

I don't have a clip of this DVD but here is a clip of Sabah in an unusual ballet/belly dance fusion (her original background was ballet):


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