101 Shimmies Volume 1

This DVD by Samra Iara, who is originally from Brazil but now lives and teaches in the US.  It is the first in a trilogy offering "101 shimmies".   I'd love to know whether she's claiming to teach a hundred and one shimmies, or whether she meant "Shimmies 101".  I suspect the latter - but either way, at least it's more realistic than the 1001 variations promised by Leyla's DVD!

This is a highly technical DVD for those who want their shimmies broken down in fine detail.  In fact it's so focussed on technique, it doesn't even use music!    It really does cover a wide range of shimmies all the way from shoulders to knees.  The presentation is outdated (it's over ten years old!) but the information is evergreen, of course.

Some people feel there are too many words and not enough dancing - but that's not really the point of this DVD.  It's also fair to say that Samra is not outstandingly good at shimmies herself, which is surprising given her background - but she certainly knows the theory.

Moves covered are:

  • HEAD - Slide, Crescent, Circle, Toss, Flip, Tilt
  • SHOULDERS - Thrusts, Lifts, Drops, Rolls Slides, Up/Down, Shimmy
  • RIBCAGE - Slide, Circle, Rock, Shimmy, Figure 8
  • HANDS - Flicks, Shimmy, Close/Open, Extend/Contract, Palms Up/Down
  • ABDOMEN - Pops, Staccato Undulation, Contraction, Rolls
  • FEET - Point/Flex, Circle, Extend, Touch and Lift
  • KNEES - Cross Plie, Circle, Lift, Push
  • HIPS - 6 directions of articulation, 3 Original Sources of Shimmy, Shimmy of varying intensities, Walking Shimmy, Standing Shimmy, Freeze and Vibrations
  • HIP ACCENTS AND PATTERNS - Arches, Letters, Designs, Single Hip Circles, Side Choo-Choo, Walking Hip Drops, Running Choo-Choos, Omis, Twisting Drop Walks
  • THORAX - Pulse (fast shimmy), Afro-Brazilian Shimmy
  • PELVIS AND BUTTOCKS - Turkish Shimmy, Hip V Walk, Buttocks contraction and release,
  • LIFTS/DROPS/POPS/LOCS of various body parts


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