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Finding belly dance costumes at reasonable prices can be a challenge.  We can't all travel to the bazaars of Egypt, Turkey or India!  eBay is a great resource - but finding what you want is tedious.  Let us do the hard work! We're approved by eBay worldwide, to showcase their range of belly dance costumes, accessories and props.  It costs no more to buy through this site, so why not save yourself time and effort?

We also have a comprehensive selection of DVD's for all styles including ATS and Tribal Fusion.  Each listing includes a review by a member of the belly dance community - but please note, it is their personal opinion!  Most posts have a link to Amazon where you can usually find several other reviews, to help you decide.

Finally check out the blog for hints, tips and opinions on belly dance, as well as an extensive archive of profiles of Australian bellydancers, past and present.   If you'd like to contribute a DVD review, post, or dancer profile, contact me!
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