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Sites for belly dancers

General - possibly the most famous belly dance site on the internet! - Directory of Australian belly dancers

ATS/Tribal/Tribal Fusion - Sharon Moore's Tribal belly dance site

Fat Chance Belly Dance - the oracle!

Scarlets Lounge - sumptuous site full of lovely costumes

Heather Stants - founder of the urban tribal dance company

Rachel Brice - to most non-bellydancers, Rachel Brice is the face of Tribal style belly dance, thanks to her involvement in the Belly Dance Superstars

Triballine - my favourite Australian source of Tribal costumes and props.  Love those scimitars!

Ghawazi Caravan - one of Australia's foremost ATS troupes.

Tribal & Trance Fest - Australia's Tribal belly dance festival

Gypsy Caravan - Paulette Rees-Denis's site